Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cowboy Mayhem

I finally have a chance to post the Cowboy Party pictures from my friend Amy in Seattle. She did an amazing job putting together the party plan I sent her. She even came up with a few ideas that were awesome!
In her own words, here are all of the details Amy sent me about her party followed with some great pictures!

Menu: Serving trays will be large foil pans, lunch plates will be foil pie tins. I got the cowboy plates and napkins for the cake. Lunch will consist of hot dogs, baked beans, macaroni salad, watermelon and potato chips. Jan made a chocolate cake which I decorated.
Games: Burlap Sack Race, Cowboy Boot Pinata (filled with candy, little rubber snakes, miniature cowboy and indian figures, cowboy bandaids), Tin Can Shoot Out (tin cans lined up on fence, kids will shoot with water guns to knock off), Lasso the Saw Horse, Capture the Indian (a dad of one of the kids dressed up as an Indian and chased the kids throwing out tootsie rolls and the kids tried to lasso and capture him)
Decorations: I am so mad I forgot to get a picture of the life size cowboy I bought and hung on the front door welcoming guests with a bubble sign that said, "Howdy Partners." Blue and Red streamers. I found Cowboy latex balloons on that were red and blue and had cowboys and horses on them. A Bale of Hay which took 2 hours round trip to pick up, cowboy cutouts from oriental trading co, I decorated brown paper bags with the kid's names (i.e. "Cowboy Josh", etc) and cowboy stickers for the pinata, The treat bags were filled with what is pictured on the table (gold coins, etc) and then they got to take home whatever loot they got in the pinata.

Don't you just love the picture of little Adeline? Her dress was absolutely adorable!

This party plan has been getting a lot of buzz lately! Besides being featured on Creative Parties and Showers a couple weeks ago, yesterday the invitation and sawhorse ideas were used in a feature on Design Dazzle. I am so glad people are taking notice, and getting some idea inspirations. That's what my blog is here for!! So, check it out when you get a chance!

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