Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Like I promised, here is a blog of a few things I have been sewing lately. First up, is an outfit I made for Catie's 18 month pictures. Below, is the yellow layered tulle skirt. I wanted something hip and fun, so I decided that a reconfigured band t-shirt would do.. You may recognize the Old 97's logo from a skirt I made Catie a few months ago... When it came down to it, she never really wore the skirt, so I recycled it once again into this cool shirt! I KNOW she will wear the heck out of this. I found some groovy coordinating fabric and jazzed it up a bit. I was quite happy with how it turned out.For round two of Catie's photos, we did an adorable tea party scene with just her and her daddy. Below is an apron I made for that. She looooves wearing this around the house, especially since she got a new play kitchen last weekend. She is the cutest pretend chef I've ever seen....A few weeks ago, we went to a birthday party for one of Catie's friends, Kori. Not wanting to show up with the usual toys, I decided to make her these little t-shirts. One with her initial on it and a fray ruffle along the bottom, and the other in a cool flower design... They were so easy and took only a couple of hours to finish both!
Now these are a couple of my favs.... Recently, my friend Tracy gave birth to her little girl Elliott. She had a cupcake themed sip and see for family and friends to meet the newest addition. She asked me to make her some coordinating hand towels and a ruffle-bum onesie. The towels were set out at a hand washing station(can't be too wary of germs around a newbie), and Miss E wore the little onesie that matched. I really enjoyed making these. The cupcakes were the inspiration for Catie's little apron....

That about wraps it up for now, but keep checking back for new projects and fun stuff!!

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