Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let Me Introduce.....

My new niece Jenna!! Is she not the cutest thing? I had the privilege of meeting this sweet angel the day after she was born. When I heard Emily went into labor, I hopped in my car and drove 5 hours to Dallas so I could hold my first niece. Catie went with me, and to be honest, couldn't have cared less....ha ha! She just wanted to play coaster hat with her Uncle Tommy. It's a very intricate game that consisted of Uncle Tommy placing drink coasters on Catie's head. She thought it was HILARIOUS when they slid off!! Anyways, when I got back home I went right to work on these great birth announcements. I got my wild animal print inspiration from Jenna's adorable nursery decor. It's called Tahiti Baby Crib Bedding by Cocalo Couture. Check it out!Lots of love to Tom and Emily! Your life will never be the same from now on!!

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