Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mycah's Wedding Invites

My cousin Mycah is getting married, and when she found out I do invitations she asked if I would help with hers. Of course I said yes(not knowing what I was getting myself into)! She had picked out some great pocket invitations with insert cards and all. Unfortunately, the $1500 price tag was not something she could manage. So, I set out to find a cheaper way to help her get the invites of her dreams.
After much digging on the internet I found a great website called Cards and Pockets that sells the pocketfolders. For a mere $0.98 each, you can choose from several sizes and colors. They also have metallics for $1.38 a piece. I had Mycah order the pocketfolders and I went to work creating the invitations and insert cards for her. This was the easy part. Once everything was printed out, cut and ready to be assembled I had her come over and we got busy. It took us two days to attach the invites, stamp the response postcards and wrap each one with ribbon and a seal. I now know why these things are so expensive!! ha ha But, I have to say, our handmade wedding invitations turned out sensational and the final cost........right around $700 for 250!!

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