Monday, November 1, 2010

Just a little update....

So, its been a while....I KNOW! But in my defense, I have had some very busy months go by. I thought I would just post a quick update for everyone. I haven't just been sitting around on my bum, I actually have quite a few new invitation designs to post, PLUS Catie's Winnie the Pooh 2nd Birthday Party. I have them uploaded, I just need to add the finishing touches. Finding the time is proving to be quite hard, though. I will do it, I promise!!!
Let's start off with our family costumes this year. As you can probably tell, we went as Winnie the Pooh(perfect for my baby belly), Piglet and Christopher Robin. I have to give my husband props for being such a good sport(after a little coaxing). It just wouldn't have been this great without him. I made the Pooh and Piglet costumes, of course. I just can't bring myself to buy pre-made costumes anymore. These took one day to sew using my favorite material of all time...Fleece! You just can't mess it up! It really is the most forgiving fabric.I have also gotten a new camera in the last few months. So, of course I have been playing around with that a lot! We went with the Nikon D3000. I am just getting used to it, but I think I am going to love it. I have been messing around with an old dress pattern that I have, trying to find new ways to "spruce" it up for Catie. This is the Fall themed dress I came up with for her. I added the bib front and ruffle along the bottom. A BIG thanks to her Nana for crocheting the awesome flower that's in her hair. I have an order in for one in EVERY color imaginable. I might get those in a year or so...ha ha My mother is a much bigger procrastinator than I am!!Last but definitely not least, the NEW MAN in my life.... Yes, I said man, as in male gender!! Our little surprise has turned out to be a boy. Yay! 1 girl, check! 1 boy, check! Procreating finished, check! In as few as 6 weeks we will be welcoming our little one, Marshall Paul Hutchison, to the world. I am truly blessed to have a healthy baby on the way. Here's a little smile from our little guy.

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