Tuesday, January 11, 2011

B or G...What Will It Be?? Gender Reveal Party

When I found out I was pregnant last year, I knew I was going to have to come up with a fun way to find out the gender of Baby #2. With my first baby we waited until the 7th month to find out it was a girl... Why so long?? Well, that's when our baby shower was. I had my Mom go to the sonogram with me to find out the gender. The Dr. told my mom what we were having and she had to keep it a secret from everyone. Then, when she sent out the invitations for our couples baby shower, the sex was revealed to all of our guests with strict instructions to keep it quiet!! So, when we showed up for our shower we walked into a flood of pink balloons and decorations! It was amazing. Nothing beats this kind of surprise...Needless to say, being a sibling myself, I knew if I did something cool for one baby I would HAVE to do something cool for the other. The last thing I want is one feeling left out 5 or 10 years down the road.. ha ha... I had no intention of waiting a full 7 months this time. So, I decided a separate Gender Reveal Party would be fun. Instead of using the typical baby pink or blue I wanted to go for something more modern and fun. So, my red and turquoise "B or G...what will it be?" party was born. I started by designing this fun invitation.Then, I decided rather than having the party at a house I wanted to have it at one of my favorite restaurants. Almost no time setting up, and the best part....NO DISHES!!! I showed up to the restaurant about 30 minutes prior to the party. They gave me a private back room. All I did was tie red and turquoise balloons to each chair in alternating colors. I made matching place cards for the guests, and the kids had puzzles with crayons to keep them busy during dinner. I had my doctor write on a piece of paper the gender and seal it in an envelope for me(so even I didn't know the sex). I took that envelope to my favorite bakery, Trio Cafe, and had them make up 2 dozen mini cupcakes for me. The filling would be blue or red. This way, when we bit into our cupcakes we all found out together. Some had red sprinkles on top and some had blue. I also made coordinating cupcake toppers for each.To add a little fun and interaction, everyone had one of these little booklets I made folded into their napkins. It asked what gender they thought baby Hutchison was going to be, and what names they would pick out and a couple of funny facts. They ended up being quite humorous to read. I have them all, and are putting them in the baby book for Marshall to see when he gets older. After a fun dinner we passed out the cupcakes. Altogether on the count of three everyone opened up their cupcakes... It was a great party, and a fun way to include family and friends...
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  1. I LOVE it!!! So creative!!!! I wish I would have thought of doing something like that for Michael and James:)

  2. fun!
    love the shower reveal for you first one- that must have been an amazing day!

  3. CUTE!!!! I adore gender reveal parties and I love that you used blue and red instead of blue and pink!

  4. Very cute! These gender reveal parties look like so much fun!