Friday, May 22, 2009

Fantastic Friday Finds

I hope everyone is ready for a great Memorial Day weekend! I know I sure am. I have been super busy this week working on some new baby items(will post later). I have also found a lot of great things online this week. To start, I will begin with my favorite:

This is a new blog I happened upon earlier in the week. I am absolutely in love! They have all sorts of great party ideas, recipes and tips. It is such a pretty, bright colored blog. It really catches your attention, like the Memorial Day mood board below... Check it out! You will love it too.
Yoga Today
Being a stay at home mom, I rarely find time to leave the house. So, needless to say, an exercise class or workout is usually far from possible. Well, for some reason it popped into my head to search YouTube for free online yoga classes. While looking I found a website that specializes in just that!! It is called Yoga Today, and every morning they post a new 1 hour yoga class for anyone who wants to watch. The best part is, they leave them up on their website. You can search through tons of archived classes, with all types of skill levels. They film in the most tranquil, beautiful settings. Now, I did find out the hard way that I would definitely need to wait for Catie to take a nap before attempting to pay attention to someone other than her... While in downward dog position, she was crawling underneath my arms trying to give me kisses on the face, and in plank position she was crawling on my back...Yes, it was adorable(not to mention added resistance), but not too productive! ha ha
Tooth Tissues
And last, but not least, the smartest baby product ever!!! I have the hardest time brushing Catie's tiny little teeth. Especially when she pushes the toothbrush out of her mouth with her tongue. These little tissues just wipe off the icky tooth gunk, and are totally safe and natural. You can find them at Whole Foods and Central Market. Of course if you don't have one of those stores nearby, you can always order them online.
Tell me the person who invented these isn't awesome! I wish I could be that smart..

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  1. Yay for the yoga! Too cute about Catie...and I'm really going to have to get some major tips on baby products from you...for seriously!