Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nice Day for a White Wedding....Shower!

So, my friend Casey asked me to design an 80's theme wedding shower invitation for her, and put together some party ideas. I was absolutely thrilled to do so. This had to be one of the funnest parties I've researched in a while! From a "totally awesome" themed candy bar, to fun neon decorations. I think she will be able to pull this party off with a bang. So, to give credit where credit is due, here are some sites that I pulled some inspiration from...
Thoughtful Day Blog had a great 80's theme baby shower. This is where I pulled the colorful balloons and rubix cube/garbage pail kids/mario bros cake from.
Entertain Exchange has instructions for the 80's themed jello centerpieces with the light up faux ice cubes. I also like the idea of using zebra print scrapbook paper to add a little punch to the tables...throw some hot pink tulle on there and you are totally retro.
Oriental Trading has the retro headband sunglasses and neon plate sets.
Ashcroft Photography Blog is where I found the neat photos of the 80's table decor, and movie/toy themed centerpieces. Those have to be my favorite with the Slinky's kind of tumbling out of the baskets...Love it!!
And any 80's party wouldn't be complete without a photo op! Definitely set up a "prom" type background, or a fun splatter painted drop cloth with life size cutouts of your favorite 80's characters. Using a Polaroid camera or just your digital one, let everyone take fun pictures. They can carry them home with a goody bag, or later the bride and groom can use their digital copies in Thank You cards... Lots of options for this party!! Enjoy.

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