Friday, June 5, 2009

Coming Attraction!!

My friend Tracy threw a baby shower for her sister, another friend of mine, Trish. She asked me to design invitations in a movie/red carpet type theme. The inspiration being these great popcorn favor boxes she found... Of course I said yes, and this was the invite I came up with.
Unfortunately, I did not get to attend the shower since I was out of town. I heard it was super cute though. She served fun "Movie Theater" type foods. I don't know exactly what was on her menu. But, if I had to guess I would say a hot dog station, bowls of popcorn, a movie themed candy bar and of course those huge pickles.(yum) You could also add a nacho cheese fountain and mini burgers if you have the time. Now, I do know that she had an awesome popcorn bucket shaped cake with little popcorn cupcakes. Definitely a must! Another great idea Tracy had was to take movie posters that had pregnant people on them, and paste Trish and Davids faces onto them. I did get to see these, and they were hilarious! I think she used posters from the movies Junior and Juno. A great shower game would be name that celebrity baby. With a red carpet leading to the door, and a bunch of fun movie inspired balloons and decorations any expecting mom can be a star! Good Job Tracy!

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