Monday, May 11, 2009

Old T-Shirt, New Toddler Skirt

Today I decided to get some new use out of an old t-shirt. I made a cute little skirt for Catie out of my old, Old 97's t-shirt. It never really fit me right, and just sat in my closet unless I decided to wear it to bed. Well, that's just not a good enough life for one of my favorite band's T's... So, now Miss Mae gets to sport a very cool look.
I started off with a dress that fits Catie pretty good, and used it as a guide to cut my pattern.
Next, I pinned my two pieces right sides together and stitched 1/4 inch seams up the sides.Then, I folded over the top and stitched a waistband wide enough to thread my elastic through. I could have left it alone then, but it needed a little more. So, I cut two strips and using a gathering stitch, made a ruffle for the bottom.
After that, I stitched the ruffles together, then pinned them to the bottom of the skirt. I ran a small stitch along the bottom, snipped my threads, and Voila!!
I can't wait for her to get home, so I can try it on her! I will post a pic as soon as I can. ;-)
And here it is! Also had to throw in a pic of Michael...

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