Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eat Your Veggies

For all of my mom-to-be friends, I just wanted to share two baby products that have saved a little of my sanity this past year. If you know anything about babies, you know how messy and crazy self feeding can be. If you know anything about me, you know how obsessively organized and clean I like to have things. Luckily, I bought two products(at two completely different times) that ended up helping me keep things that way.

I always knew I would want a travel style hook on high chair, so after buying 2 that didn't fit the table or bar at my house, I finally found the perfect one. This Chicco Travel Chair is perfect for both. The adjustable bars open all the way down to fit even the thickest of tables. It breaks down into 4 pieces, and comes with a carrying case. We have also used it in restaurants and it works perfectly. Unfortunately, the colors aren't that great, but for its purpose it doesn't really matter.

When Catie started to self feed, I tried to give her a plate with her food on it, and of course it ended up on the floor. For a while I would just put the food on the table for her. That worked until she was eating things like pasta and foods with sauces on them. I found this cute little plate and utensil set by SkipHop on a baby website. (which has recently filed for bankruptcy, but not to worry, I did a little digging and found both items available on Amazon.com)

I ordered it for her thinking it might help keep the plate on the table. When I got it, the base was too wide to fit between the hooks on her chair. Not being one to admit defeat, I kept messing with it, and finally figured out that if you take the fork and spoon off the plate it would slide perfectly underneath the chair hooks. So, now even if she wanted to pick up the plate and throw it, she can't. The little white plate snaps into the base and she has tried countless times to get that thing out with no success. It has proven to be a terrific accident.

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