Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Splash of Summer

Lilly Pulitzer is the actual name of the woman who started this fashion line in the late 50's. She was school friends with Jackie Bouvier (future Jackie O.). Then, when she was 19, she eloped with one of the Pulitzers (the same family that gave its name to the Pulitzer Prize). The Pulitzers moved to Palm Beach so her husband could work for the family orange business. Tired of sitting around with nothing to do Lilly opened a citrus juice stand. She had some dresses made out of citrus-colored prints to hide the fact that she was often covered in orange juice. And from this came 50 years of beautiful (timeless)dresses, swimsuits, hats, children's clothing and so much more...I just love the colors and prints. You can barely tell which is vintage, and which is new. It all makes me think about warm sun, sipping mojitos, and playing at the beach. So, as I pack for my 5 day ski trip to Colorado tomorrow, my head will be swimming with warm summer thoughts. Enjoy your weekends, and I will have plenty to write about when I get back next week!

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